Friday, July 30, 2010

A squared sphere

Una esfera cuadrada.

A squared sphere

Don Camilo always says, that a day without drinking a beer is not a complete day, a sentence of ultimate wisdom, but in such glorious truth there is a personal interest, since Don Camilo is the owner of the town Cantina. Among the many people who follow Camilo’s philosophy on finds Mario Bonita, one of Camilo's top ten clients, yet never in his life he has been drunk, despite being so many times found till the late night staying at the cantina with his drinking friend Calixto, famous for two reasons, being one of the three usual drunks of the town, and the proud owner of the most famous and crowded poultry shop on the state, Attended by Eustaquia, housewives from all the towns around come to buy the most juicy chicken breasts, the most meaty chicken legs, always with an entourage of husbands, sons, cousins and male relatives that come to admire those same avian qualities in its humanly version so beautifully granted by nature to Eustaquia

Reading is good, a mix of science fiction and comedy

Recomendación Literaria, Ciencia Ficción y Comedia.

Reading is good, a mix of science fiction and comedy

Recently read the book “The Warrior's Apprentice” by Lois McMaster Bujold.

I see is the second of a serial of books, but the first about its main character, “Miles Vorkorsigan”.

Located in a monarchy planet in a future filled with spaceships the story goes about Miles wanting to enter the Military, being a Vorkorsigan, the family of all famous Military Heroes. But Miles has a disability, so he ends failing the physical exam by getting his legs broken and unable to take the theory exam is rejected. So he then goes on a trip to the planet of his grandmother on his mother side, along with his bodyguard Bothari, and Bothari’s daughter Elena.

Once on that planet he gets involved with 3 people, a crazy pilot, a military fugitive, and a smuggler, and ends up travelling to a war zone between two planets. Being detained for a search contraband by the mercenaries hired by one of the planets (and Miles actually smuggling things for the other planet) he has to find a way to avoid being arrested and probably killed. Using imagination and a really weird strategy he manages to not only go safe, but with time to become Admiral Naismith from an imaginary mercenary organization, that grows powerful enough to become the balancing force in the local war, just before having to return to his home planet.

A plot of science fiction and space battles that is good on itself, but that becomes a totally genius comedy thanks to the main character Miles Vorkorsigan, and the strategies he uses, that go jumping in between the ridiculous and unbelievable, to the side on efficiency of a mastery of strategy. And is thank to that, the personality and actions of Miles and friend, that what makes this work wonderful appears, a comedy that will make you laugh like mad.

Definitively I need to look for the remaining books of the series, unfortunately in spanish apparently only another one was published in Mexico, so more than probably will need to go look for English language versions.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010



Award and Punishment

Found by being lost

Encuentros en la perdicion

Found by being lost

Under a Windows covered by shadows a tiny ray of light breaks the night. A small mouse hidden behind the flowerpots wholeheartedly waits for the cat to arrive. For a thousand times is better to risk its luck with the cat, than to challenge the eyes hidden over the branch.

Monday, July 26, 2010



Turns around looking for what once was, finding the past locked inside tears, wishing the turns of laughter and tricks, eternal prison forever to forgot.


Agave Hearts (Piñas)

Piñas de Tequila

This is the heart of the Agave plant, called in spanish, piñas de agave, the ones on the photo are upon arrival to the tequila plant before going into the oven.

Blue Agave

Agave Azul

Blue Agave is the plant used to make tequila