Thursday, June 29, 2006

Driving Miss Jessica

Driving Miss Jessica

I know, I know, I am a vain girl, posting all the pictures first and leaving the adventure telling for the end, Maybe it is some kind of subversive marketing plot, jejeje. Or just was the chronological order of the pics.

Well here it goes. So you have seen that this weekend I dress up, and took some pics, after that I decided to relax a little by seeing a movie thinking that by the end of it I would took make-up and clothes off and go to sleep.

But no, some kind of evil demon put some crazy thought on my mind, so as I power down the DVD thingie, I start thinking about doing something really really stupid. So I grab the camera bag, and put keys, wallet and cell phone in it, and head to the door.

A last sense of carefulness appeared, as I reached the window, to see if the neighbors were outside their homes chatting, but the street seemed to be all empty. And so I did it, I opened the door, and let Jessica see the outside world. I stood at the door frame for a second, a last chance to go back, and not do such stupid risky thing, but my legs decided to do the opposite, and gave the first step to the outside.

I closed my home door and run to the car, as quickly and ladylike as possible I jump inside. Sitting there I had one last thought, one last moment to stop that nonsense and go back home. Starting to think of all the fears of doing it. What if at a crossing someone sees me, what if that person recognize me, what if a police car stop me, or the worst happens and I crash??. For a second those thoughts were struggling in my mind. But the last drop of craziness finally got its way, and slowly my hand turned the car engine on. Brrrm, that sound put me into driving mode.

Check the lights, adjust seatplace (yep, had to put it a little back, guess the heels add length to my feet), adjust mirrors, fasten seatbelt, first gear, and ready to go, Brrrruuum, and there goes Jessica driving the car. All full of fears but driving for her first time in life.

So there I go, two blocks down, then turn left, one block, left again, just trying to get myself to take a little ride around the block, so sooner than expected I am back at the street I live. I was like "Eh, what, the ride is over, but I was having so much fun, no,no, I want more" and listening to my crazy mind, I stepped the gas pedal, and leave home and a little bit of my fears of driving behind.

And so there I went, every time riding a few more blocks away, worrying when at corners I had to stop as I waited for the other cars to pass by, worried when at one corner with a taco stand, people there turned their heads to look at me (well to tell the truth I was more worried maybe one of them was someone who knew me, fortunately all were strangers to me), and worried when at one corner a boy in his truck waived to me, letting me pass even when he had preference to go first (that was a confidence boost, guess from far, inside the car and little light, he thought I was a girl). Worried when later I stopped at some point and took a few pics of me inside the car, this one being the less ugly one.

So I drove for around 30 minutes, well not sure really about how much time, but that is my guess. As I come back close to home, checked no-one was around, and park the car. Go down, and open the door and run back inside to safety, out from the eyes of whoever might pass by. (Actually a car went by as I was opening the door, but most they would see was my back, so no problem there, I think)

And so ends the adventure of Driving Miss Jessica.

A driving girl

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Relaxing a little trying to look innocent

Stretch On Bed

I like how this pic look, kind of innocent, yet manage to show some leg.

Jejej, just being vain and showing off.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A really weird, stupid, undesired, insulting e-mail

Standing Tones

I received an E-mail from a person Identified as Paul from some (li- ve -y -oo) place

Basically they wanted me to join some place on internet to make me appear on webcam and pay me, in other words to make me a (wh- o -re), or (pro- sti- ti -tut -e)

I am so angry, who the hell they think I am.

An Angry

Here is the copy of the body of email


We have the pleasure to offer you a fantastic occasion to make money and to have a lot of amusement at the same time.

We look for models girls, tranny or shemales of all over the world, alone or in couple of all the countries including Asia, Arabia, Latino, Africa, America and Europe.

Requirements Models:
* You are attractive, confident?
* Being relaxed in front of your WebCam?

Not Travels To work.
More than On-line Hours = More Profit.

Our Dutch company is the specialist webcam.

I take care of the sector of the models, girls, tranny and shemale which is the good sector with the webcam, we have many customers.

You can to work at home with our system
You need

1) Your artist's name
2) 6 photos of you
3) We have a discription very detailed how to install
- Required equipment: Pentium 4 or equivalent, Windows XP, Almost every camera USB works, but the best is Logitech Sphere.
As our video is good quality, you need a rather good webcam,
But one not expensive, there is in about of 100 $ rather good, if there is a zoom with remote control it is better to satisfy the customers.
- The requirements of connection are a debit of minimum 256Ko Almost every Cable Or Adsl works.

There are two sorts of video chat
The private cat is a gossip
And the nudechat is a gossip the price is less expensive but he can there have several customers joined on the same model, 1 , 2 , 3, 5 , 10 or more without limit. And so more profit

You receive 50 % of incomes, the other companies give only 30 %

Monday, June 26, 2006

A wallpaper made by a friend

A friend made this image that is kind of a wallpaper

I like the result, is pretty.

You can visit my friend Citlaly at
her blog

Natural and Blue

Natural And Blue

So here is the new skirt I bought, Is really comfortable and easy to wear.
I tryed to repeat the same pose, for both lighting schemes in the picture.
The one to the right, show the colors in a more closed way to real colors (or as real as I see them) the one in the left, hast this cool light blue tone, which I kind of feel makes the image look more relaxed.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer Starts Today

Summer Outfit

So summer starts today

Supposed to be the longest day with sun, too bad I can go out and enjoy it in a nice summer girly outfit.

But maybe sometime son I would be able to.

Happy Summer Days



Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Draw of Jessica made by Zully

Draw of Jessica made by Zully

A friend named Zully made this drawing of me, of course with a little changes to enhance feminity.
Can you guess the image t was based on??

Thanks a lot to Zully
She made a superb, amazing drawing

Monday, June 19, 2006

This weekend Mayan Trip

Palenque Pyramids

This weekend I travel to a Mayan site, called Palenque.
Lots of Pyramids, really big place.
Unfortunately the main Pyramid, the one with the tomb was closed, so only got to see the replica at the museum.
Lots of walking, lots of climbing plus the hot weather can get you tired really quickly.
Ended up all tired and legs are exhausted.
Really cool thing, is that it is located near the jungle, being able to hear all the birds and monkeys so close was great.
Bad thing, the mosquitoes got several bites on legs and arms.
Next day went to see the waterfalls, wow they sure are impressive.
Went swimming there.
Then driving 4 to 5 hours, I ended up all tired
But fun weekend.


Friday, June 16, 2006

Sent to me

Weird Pose

A weird pose pic.

And admirer sent me this

J amas en el recio universo
E ncontrar crei, a un angel androgino,
S i bien la travesia del mismo
S e tornaba ya desesperante, aun
I ncluso la desesperanza llego,mas
C uando todo perdido parecia
A ti,mi dulce musa encontre en el firmamento

by Dragon Rojo
If I translate to English, it lost the letters

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Another historical post

Another pic for another blog post

Wow, again so much time has passed between historical posts (jeje, better come out with a better name, this one sounds and reminds me of the boring school subject)

Well as I was telling in my last past post, I have returned to this dressing activity, and one might think that having a house alone would bring more opportunities to do it, make it easier. But that was not completely true, since I still had too many conflicts in my mind about it.

But this time, there was something that helped me. By that time, I have found about a thing called Internet. You go into it, look about a subject, and Voila, hundreds of pages with info about it.

Well all confused, I decided to look information on the subject of my dressing. The first problem was "What to look for?" by that time didn't know the terminology related to the subject (and as of today I still don't get the difference between all those t-something labels) but I started writing whatever come to mind. On one of those searches I found a page (unfortunately I don't remember the page) but the thing was that it contained the words transvestite y crossdressing and kind of what they meant, so at least I knew what to search for.

So I went searching for those words, but the only results I got where for previews of porn sites. Yes the girls on the pics look amazing, all femenine except for that detail that most of the time was with blur or semiconcealed, so might not even be sure was not a composed image. That instead of helping me, made me feel worst. Yes the looked great, but from that th e only explanation that come to mind about this dressing thing, was that apparently the option was to become like some kind of visual object that appears on porn sites, and that was not something that I thought of.

I was about to give up when a webpage came out, of a person who looked like more real, a girl from Hungary by the name Hajnalka, actually at first look of her pics, I was thinking, hey thats a genetic girl, and a pretty one. But after looking with more atention and reading her page find out it was someone like me, with this interest in dressing with girl clothes, and she managed to acheive that in such a wonderful and perfect way. Wow amazing, that put me dreaming in that maybe sometime in the future I might be able to do something similar to that (and I am still dreaming about it)

The best thing was that she had links to pages to other girls, some of them real beauty godesses, other less experienced but with that touch of feminity, And some of the girls pages, told their histories, some very similar to mine, Some even had a large amount on information, about the why, the how, why is it a normal thing, why is not always something to do with sexual behavior. Lots of information that little by little helped me to kind of understand more this liking of me.

I stop the story here, next time I will write about my first run into the internet, and why I choosed the name Jessica.

Bye by now

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Showing too much skin

Mini Blue

Wearing the mini blue outfit.
Guess I am looking to draw attention
How vain am I?

The pic is small, yes I know I posted that way on purpose


Monday, June 05, 2006

A chronicle a little too late

Another Adventure

Due to me being too busy, and probably a little lazy to write, here is a late chronicle of one of Jessica´s crazy adventures.
So the weekend from two weeks ago, I decided to risk my secret identity once more.
This time, was a girl, who lives in the same place I live.
As usual I was nervous from the moment I decided to say "Ok, let's meet"

So we met in an open area near my place (in case I decided to run away).
We then went ono to my place, and me being all nervous took a few minutes before saying "ok, lets start getting all dressed"
Each of us , changed in one of the rooms of my place.
Then saw each other dressed up. She had a great feminine figure (I felt envy, guess I need to put extra effort to loose some weight)
We then chatted a little, but soon it become more of me asking her lots of questions, she being lot more experienced in this than me.
We then took a couple of pics, but she needed to go somewhere, and time to say bye.

I stayed a few more hours dressed, reading and listening some music, before I got hungry.
So out goes the pretty clothes and makeup, and out to lunch.

So ends the chronicle.
Pic is the outfit I used.