Thursday, August 31, 2006

Outside little trips


So well to continue my history, ther I was inside all quiet, but one of the purposes of this time was to go outside. And so I I did. Not really big outings, but they were time outside as girl.

So first time, was like around 6 afternoon, plenty of sunlight, of course I didn't went outside alone, got two people going with me, since they also wanted to go to the near by store. So there we go, out on the street,walking around in the neighborhood.

Crossed a few people on the walk, this time I look to their faces, trying to see any reaction, but most of them were like emotionless faces. Ony person who like put attention to all 3 of us, was this man walking his dog, but I think was more because of the dog, than caring about us.

After a while we arrive to store. First like panic, since just a couple of hours I have gone to that same store to buy a bottle of water, on my way to Blush. But was no other option but to go in. Inside the store there was this guy and the same cashier as before.

So we go in, each going toward the fridge, buying their stuff, the guy just kept looking toward me, not buying anything, just standing there, quite creepy. Then time to pay for the purchases. Oh god, had to come face to face to the cashier. I look with as much attention as possible, trying to figure out if there was any sign of recognition (how paranoid I am, like if a cashier who saws the faces of hundreds of people a day would remember me, jejej) But no funny looks, no surprise eyes. All nervous I paid, and said thanks.

So back to place, I open my bag again, to take a photo of the outing, and then remembered, that on the airport they asked to remove batteries from camera (not sure why such things in Mexico, plus it is actually more risk the batteries going loose on backpack in cargo cointainer, than safely inside the camera, silly), so no pic there.

SEcond time out, was more into the night, the owners of Blush went to buy some bread, so I asked, "Can I go with you?" and they said "Ok", so there I went out at night, this time I knew camera got batteries, since already took the domino picture. Crossed very few people, and at night so not really like they got a good view of me. At bread store the ttedand could have saw me, and so did a lady who came inside, I think she smiled, not sure if courtesy or because I was looking funny.

And so the pic is from that second time outside. Not really like the big trips to the outside, but more longer than any other before. Plus this time I was a lot less nervous, so could look into other people faces, and enjoy it.

And so ends the recap from the little Jessica adventure.

Crazy and Stupid Jessica

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Playing Domino

Playing Domino

Ok, so last weekend I travelled to Mexico city to do some family errands on Sunday.
So Saturday, got the day for doing personal stuff. So I decided It was a good day to let Jessica be a little bit.

So I went to do some shopping, mainly to get stuff I needed for the boy aleter-ego and got myself a pair of girl clothes. The blue one in pic is one of them.

Once in the afternoon, I went again to Blush, this time, was a lot less nervous of the fact of people seeing both sides of me, since they have already done so.

So I got myself dressed, and applied make-up, except the eyes that Claudia (the make-up girl there) helped me doing ( I still got trouble with that, my eyes have this tendency to close, whenever I got something near to them).

the rest of the afternnon was spent staying there, playing dominoes with people around there.

I got to go out a few times, but that a story for the next pic.

In all, it was good, and I felt happy of doing it again.


Friday, August 25, 2006

Bugs and Spider from the Jungle (Also I am angry for pluto declared no longer a planet)

Bugs and Spider

Sorry, I know a girl should not said such ugly words as I am going to but

Who the hell do those stupid astronomers who said Pluto no longer a planet think they are, wait my mistake, they don't think.

According to the news, now Pluto no longer a planet, its now a dawrf, WHAT??
that's bullshit.

Sorry, I know its not ladylike to curse like that, but that really made me angry. Pluto is my second most favorite planet (and just because Saturn is prettier).

Ok, now to the picture.
So extra to the monkeys and big animals, the jungle was full of little animals, insects, frogs, bugs, and the ones not capable of flying are easier to shot (with a camera).

There were these big butterflies in a nice blue tone and others in black with green spots, but they always were flying and moving, And was unable to get any decent pic of them :(

I like insect photos, being able to see them in big is cool, plus is like seeing the big monsters from old horror movies, plues sometimes If got lucky, I can even see details like eyes, or hairy legs, and such.

Ok, now to the explaining.

Top left, a big scary spider, at some roads (not the main ones) you got to walk really carefull, or risk getting one of them in your face.

Top right, some cool black and yellow bug.

Middle Left, some bug walking on a tree branch, I like the texture on the bug, so similar to the tree.

Middle right, a Snail, they not as slow as I thought.

Bottom Left, a Tarantula Spider, I actually like tarantulas, as opposed to other spiders, guess has to be with the fur/hair. Oh and they are not poisonus.

Bottom right, I saw those two insects fighting, not sure who was trying to eat who, but guess that being on web, it was the little black spider trying to eat the big insect.

Ok, so that last of Jungle pics to post, this time.

Jessica, the insect chick

full size image, over here

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Of peacocks and monkeys

Animals from the Jungle

The best part of the jungle trip, was that I was able to see monkeys, YEAAAAAAAAAAH

I love monkeys, they are so funny and cute.

I got to see other wild animals.

In photos I only got wild Peacocks and two kinds of monkeys. I also got to see lots of different kind of birds (no pics, they fly too fast into hiding) and a small feline.

According to it there are also deers, jaguar (which at some moment a groar was heard, but really far away), wild pigs and other felines. One of the arch site caretaker, told me that a few weeks ago they found a dead animal, with jaguar bites near there, so that was probably the one that we heard.

Oh, I even got the monkeys on video, of course, really bad quality, but still moving monkeys.

Anyway, now to the photo description

Top left, some Mono Araña (spider monkey is the literal translation to English)

Top Right, a cute frog.

Middle Left, a couple of wild peacocks

Middle right, a howling monkey (mono aullador)

Bottom left, more Monkeys

Bottom Right, a big peacock family.

thats all
Jessica, The Monkey lover

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A girl in a balcony near Jungle

A Girl at Balcony near Jungle

Jejej, Jessica (that's me) managed to put some clothes inside the evil alter-ego backpack. So once the pyramids and jungle exploring has finished, and after diner, back at hotel.

Initial plan was to go to the cabin rental place, but in the dark of night and all the rain, didn't see the entrance, so instead I stayed at hotel, cool thing of this hotel, is near town, but outside, in the borders of jungle reserve, so still can hear the sounds of nature at night.

So, at night, and since in room area I was, there were only a couple in a room at opposite side, so I decided to put on my girl clothes, wig, and basic make-up (thats why the pic is small). and out to the balcony, to enjoy the cool weather, the light breeze, hoping mosquitoes didn't bite me that much.

Wonderful, to just sit there, relaxing, drinking some water, hearing the sounds of the night jungle, and all that as a girl. Amazing.

Probably would have been most interesting to do it in the cabin place, but maybe would have happened, like that time in Palenque, too many mosquitoes, that I couldn't go out, even in boy clothes at night.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Exploring the jungle at Calakmul

Jungle in Calakmul

A few shots of the Jungle
As I told in the previous pic, Calakmul is not only an Archeological Site, its also a Jungle Biological Reserve.

Its big, they told me how big, but I have bad memory so I forgot the exact figure, and I am too lazy too look it in Internet.

Wow, while going out , an to the town, it started raining, wow, It was massive rain, could barely see. And as you can see in pics, a few hours before not even the most remote hint of such rain.

Ok, now to explain the images.

Top Left, is some tree-branch formation , I just liked the texture and shape it has.

Top Middle, a view from top of outer Piramid, you can see the top of other two pyramids, and how green the jungle looks from above.

Top Right, one of the few areas of jungle that you could walk easily, love the green in the floor.

Bottom Left, one of the road inside the jungle, really great to hear the sounds of birds, and to spot an ocasional squirrel.

Bottom Center, view from top of Main pyramid, easier to see top of the other pyramid in front at Main Acropolis in Calakmul.

An Bottom Right, a view of a part of the jungle, not so easy to walk in there, pretty thight.

I really enjoyed this, looking into all those greens, so many plants, the sounds of the wild, just amazing, so different to where I used to live, where green only was seen on cactus.

Jessica, the jungle explorer

For the full size image go here

Monday, August 21, 2006

Some Archeology Lessons from Weekend

Some Archeology from Weekend

So this weekend, the evil alter-ego decided said, "Hey look there is this Archeological site I still haven't visited, let's go there".

It was amazing. A few archeological sites, all really impressive, plus they are located inside a biological reserve area, the Calakmul Jungle. Wow.

The Calakmul siite, is really big, plus the jungle around it is really dense.

Now to the description of the pics.

Top left, is the Main Pyramid in the Main Acroppolis section of Calakmul, is really big, several estelas in the front Yep I went all the way up twice.

Top Right, is a detail of a king statue, in the Three Kings Monunment in Balamku, it is inside a Pyramid, pretty amazing, lots of details.

Bottom Left, is the top of one of the pyramids in Hormiguero, very rich in decorations.

Bottom Right, Is another pyramid in Calakmul, outside the Main Acropolis. Really Big, and great view of the jungle from the top.

Lots of walking, lots of climbing, now my legs are all tired, but that's good, and was really fun.

Jessica, the silly Archeologist

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wig Problems

Two in the blue skirt

Yesterday I spent 1 hour trying to disentangle the long wig (after the hidding, it came out all full with knots), kind of make a 30% progress, so with hope it might be ready, maybe next week :(

Ok, here a couple more of those pics with the blue skirt. Also the new bag.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Funny green fellow


In a city 2 hours away from were I live, there is this archeological site with a little zoo, in it there is this big thing with lots of birds.

I love going there, and see all the birds, lots of colors, and to see them so close (even touch some)

I like this green one, he seem so happy that I took pics of him while eating


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sleepy Jessica, the first run into the Internet

Sleepy Jessica

So back to the boring historical posts but I need to write them from time to time, so last time if I remember correctly I wrote the
way I decided my girl name and how I created a girl e-mail.

So there I went back to the sites I have previously founded about other tgirls on the internet. and few of them have guestbooks, or an e-mail addrress to contact the owner of the webpage.
So I decide to write some comments on the guestbooks, or send some "hello, my name is Jessica" e-mails.

Some days passed, and I went into the email account, and surprise, there was a response to one of my e-mails.
And was even better, was that it was a really nice e-mail, this girl thanked me for the nice comments, and then she moved on to offer all help and advice she could give me. It felt incredible, Jessica has made a first contact to someone, at least on e-mail.
I continue to write with Tanya, tought most of the emails was more me doing questions and such. Unfortunately, I lost track of her during one of my periods of inactivity. Also lost her e-mail adress since I was not able to remember my old ID, much less a password :(
But to her, a thousand thanks for being so nice to me back then.

With time more responses came along, some were nice, some were responses, and other ones scared me (maybe too hardcore or sexual intended that I got scared)

But I notice another thing during that time, I did created a small webpage then, but with no pictures.
Some of the responses were simply a "Hello back" and asking for my webpage or pics.
And from those, I never received a second response e-mail, kind of like "No pic, no contact". Sad.

At the end of that phase, I was writting to 3 girls from time to time, and to they my thanks.
Unfortunately later I went through another phase of no Jessica, forgot my e-mail ID, and lost any contacts I had.

Next time I will write about the adventures of Jessica on the ICQ (something like a very old version of messenger)


Monday, August 14, 2006

Hidden face, and Tofu taste funny

Hidden Face (Tofu taste funny)

A little recap from the weekend

Got to go working in saturday morning, and then on the afternoon time to do a complete cleaning of the appartment (too tired to go out, just stayed home and went to sleep early)

Went to beach Sunday morning (this time I remembered to caryy sun-blocker, so no burned skin, GREAT)
I got to eat tofu salad, first time I ate tofu, that tofu thing taste funny (But at least has a taste, as opposed to soybean hamburguers, who taste like nothing)

Back to home Sunday afternoon, so I decided to let Jessica reappear, lost practice on make up.
Plus realized, that on the 3 weeks my femme side was hidden, that evil boy managed to gain weight, now I am fat :(

Later managed to take courage to take a drive around the house in the car, only inside the car. Mmm, seems like that's only way of letting Jessica go out, in late car drives.

Seems like thats it, not much to tell about my weekend


Saturday, August 12, 2006

Some Pretty Dragonflies

4 Dragonflies

Some cute little insects they are
And some pretty colors they have. Love the blue one.

Well, maybe will have pics of Jessica soon, if the time and activities this weekend allow such.

Oh better see the big size pic here,


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Visiting the swamps

Centla Visit Jessica

Ok, no new Jessica's pics, so be posting pics of trips with family

Top left, is the swamps (manglar in spanish), the trees have their roots out in the air and into the water.

Top Right, is the river, some plants floating aronud

Bottom left, is a pic from the observation tower, you can see the 3 river becoming 1, according to the people there is the second biggest river thingie in terms of water volumes in America (Quick geography question, whats #1??)

And bottom right, a bird


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

IT'S true. Pornography can make you blind

Ok, so I was reading some news site, and found this link

Apparently, if you look into a gory or erotic image, you go blind for 0.8 seconds


Monday, August 07, 2006

Fungi from travelling


So went travelling again this weekend

It's rain season around here, so all that water is good for the fungi to grow. Lots of fungi and mushrooms.

So the image is a compose of the 4 photos I think I manage not to ruin

I like how those thingies looks


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Long Hair

Long Hair

Ok so I got this long hair wig.
Look a little weird

Theoretically I can try to style it a little bit.

So I will try that next time


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The ugly bed pose

The ugly bed pose

I just wanted to change the picture on top of the blog
Gosh, month number 8 is starting already
2/3 of the year pssing, and going away too fast

Better hurry to check those new year promises and put speed in doing them