Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cleavage illusion

I love the cleavage illusion

I love the cleavage illusion

The only good thing of the extra weight I have at the moment, is how my cleavage looks.

Times in Blue

Times in Blue

Times in Blue

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An idea that was never completed

Bra Bow

Yesterday's Night upon arriving to my apartment I turned the Air conditioning , and started to go around soting a few stuff I had lying around, as the temperature in my bedroom dropped my body adjusted to it. Then I went to shower to be ready to sleep, the prolem is that the bathroom was still in a hot temperature, and somehow my body got easilly adjusted to that new temperature, so when I went back to the bedroom Ifelt it too cold.

So even after putting on the lingerie and babydoll I was to wear to sleep, I was still feeling cold, specially on the legs, since also at yesterdas lunch break from work I took time to remove bodyhair. I decided to go and pick some warm pantyhose or tights.

And then there I was, all girly looking in blue from the neck and down, and seeing myself in the mirror i remembered how Jessica used to look and missed the make-up, for it has been a long time since the last time I fully dressed and transformed myself, and even when I have tried it a couple of times, there is always something that stops me half-way.

Last night was the same, to see myself all in blue, the idea on completing the trick started to growth in my mind, blurred images of make-up, the desire to put on earings.

But last night it was my need to sleep which like other times put the brakes on my mind, that stopped the idea of becoming Jessica again.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Sunday, September 05, 2010

St Trinian or the disadvantage of living in a lazy illiterate thirdworld banana republic.

St Trinian or the disadvantage of living in a lazy illiterate thirdworld banana republic.

So went to the movies a few hours ago, for 10 films at the cinema, have already seen 7, my 3 options were a Cat and dogs film for little kids, a mexican comedy, and St. Trinians.

The title in spanish (Niñas bien) was already a warning, but the synopsis said it was a British comedy film about a girl college who has to stage a robbery to save its college. That sounded ok.

When I received the ticket I saw those 3 little words that are the sign of movie damnation ESP, meaning the movie was not in its original language, but in spanish.

I understand kids movies being dubbed to spanish, and most of the time the dubbing is a good work on kiddy movies.

Unfortunately on non kiddy movies, dubbed to spanish in 90% of the time means one of the following two options:
- A mediocre work, with flat voices and minimal acting
- The worst nightmarish thing ever, with terrible localization, and obnoxious voices.

Yes there is still a 10% possibility that you find a good dubbing in Spanish, after all in the past (10 years ago or more) the dubbing made in Mexico was the best, unfortunately now that is only true in very few movies.

So I went into the movie with lots of fear, the movie starts, and the horror, the first sentence is spoken in a really bad faked voice, and using mexican slang words.

And it was there that I had to heard not only the worst kind of spanish dubbing, but actually the worst among the worst, the one that tries to be funny by using semi-outdated slang words, heavy stereotypical accents, and sentences that hurt the brain.

From what I saw, I am sure the movie is funny to watch in its original language. Unfortunately in Mexico the spanish language version was modified to the point that one can't know, and only hopes that whoever decided to dubb the movie in spanish suffers the worst pain for a thousand years


PS. And to add insult to injury, this movie was out in UK, at 2007, yes I was seeing a 3 year old movie, in the worst spanish dubbing ever.